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Stay connected with potential new customers. You have greater reach. Your ads go with you. You are not confined to drive time, and you have captive listeners. In addition it is much less expensive than traditional radio ads.

The number of Americans listening to Internet radio rose another 8 percent in the last year, reaching 42 percent, according to a new study.

Among those with broadband, 65 percent listen to Internet radio. In addition, broadcast radio use is down 47 percent among younger generations from a year ago

Benefits of Internet Radio Advertising

Internet Radio Advertising

• Internet radio plays far fewer commercials per hour. This low spot load fosters high attention levels, which increases the probability than an ad will get the listener's attention.
• Listeners are already online, only one click away from an advertiser's web site.
• Listeners tend to be active consumers and early adopters of new media options.
• Listeners tend to be young, affluent individuals with an average household income of $54,334.

Caribriddims Advertising

• Over 200,000 unique listeners per month.
• Tailored advertising options to meet your specific needs.
• Ability to target your ads to specific countries, states, cities down to the zip code level.
• Detailed campaign reporting demonstrating how traffic was delivered.
• :30 and :60 spots are available
• Banner syncing is available; listeners are a click away from your service / website. Many common internet radio advertising options are available. All media can be customized to meet your specific needs.
• Banner ads are available in 300x250 size. Banners can be synced with audio ads or displayed as standalone.
• Audio ads are available in 30-60 second spots across one or many genres.

•28 percent of people use tablets for Internet radio (up 87 percent from 15 percent last year)
•48 percent spent more time this year listening to Internet radio on a tablet
•54 percent use Internet radios built into their car
•32 percent use a portable Internet radio player with apps built into it
•15 percent manually connect a smartphone or tablet into their car’s stereo system
•35 percent link their Internet radio listening to a social network
•32 percent like seeing music listening habits from friends on social networks
•27 percent have Liked people to see their listening habits on a social network (Facebook)
•67 percent continually look at their Internet radio player to check the name of a song or artist


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