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Born in Scarborough Tobago in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to Duport Ewing and Shirley Fridie-Ewing, Baylisia celebrates her roots. Baylisia is now based in McDonough, Georgia USA; bringing to Carib Riddims Radio a positive vibe, love for all people, community topics and lots of energy!                                                              



Baylisia is a Mom, Fashion Designer/Dressmaker, Broadcaster, Songwriter, Singer, Dancer, Author, Actress and Radio Host who has been in the entertainment business most of her life. Wearing many hats Baylisia has somewhat been able to give her passions everything she has because she understands that everything she does is under one umbrella.  


She continues to do what she loves daily. “I am blessed with 24hours each day and while I’m here I will do only that which make a difference in the lives of my people, all people; my goal is to draw smiles out of them daily.”  


Baylisia started her career in broadcasting in Brooklyn New York on BVCTV as special host of BVCTV’s Caribbean Body Talk covering many topics and issues and events in the Caribbean American communities. Baylisia covered Atlanta Peachtree carnival and had the honor of interviewing many soca and calypso greats. Reporting live and direct from the streets or the studio, Baylisia displays the same excitement and gets the message across to her audience. Some of her commercial work has aired globally such as a commercial for a popular shipping agency with world famous Comedian/Actor Oliver Samuels from Jamaica and produced by Lloyd Baird of BVCTV.  Baylisia is not new to media but she is adding to the great, exciting flavor of Carib Riddims Radio, right here every Saturday at 9:00 AM beginning on October, 3rd.  Tune in to Baylisia Ewing in the Morning!



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