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Positive Vibez with Dr. Chan

Dr Chan was born in the UK to Barbadian and Jamaican parents. She was raised in Jamaica and completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the US. Her PhD was earned from the Caribbean’s top University, the University of the West Indies. Dr Chan’s PhD research examined the predictors of human behaviour. Dr Chan is a trained Environmental Scientist and considers herself a seeker.


She has been studying spirituality, concepts of the conscious and subconscious mind, affirmations, beliefs, creative visualisation, human behaviour and more for the past twenty (20) years. Dr Chan has studied the works of Shakti Gawain, Thomas Moore, Louise Hay, Richard Carlson, Jose Silva, Frederick Bailes, Eckhart Tolle, Wallace Wattles, Albert Ellis, David Richo, and other spiritual leaders.


Dr Chan admits that she is no where near being a perfect person nor does she have all the answers, but she actively works at her consciousness growth and allowing her True Self to emerge. She believes our purpose here, on Earth School, is to bring more love and light into the world, in our own unique ways.


Join Dr Chan every Sunday, 10am - 12 Noon (EST) on Positive Vibez,  as she explores thought-provoking ideas and speaks to interesting guests with unique perspectives. Dr Chan, guests and listeners will provide you with a weekly dose of upliftment and motivation for you to live your best life, on Positive Vibez.

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